Thor: TDW is the sequel to Thor. It introduces Malekith, Kurse, and Surtur to the series.


Thor returns to Asgard after the events of the Avengers, only discover while he was gone, several Dark Elves, led by Kurse, attacked Asgard and stole the Sword of Surtur from Odin's trophy Room. Now, with all the nine realms in danger, Thor must work together with his brother, Loki, to go to the Dark World, face Malekith the Accursed, the Dark Elves, and Kurse, and get the Sword of Surtur to save the 9 realms.

ENDING CREDITS: Malekith is sitting in an Asgardian prison when he is confronted by a mysterious man who asks if he's interested in getting revenge on Thor. Malekith asks the stranger who he is, and he says his name is Thanos.


  • Chris Hemsworth - Thor Odinson
  • Natalie Portman - Jane Foster
  • Tom Hiddleston - Loki
  • Stellan Skarsgard - Dr. Erik Selvig
  • Idris Elba - Heimdall
  • Christopher Eccletson - Malekith the Accursed
  • Adewale Akinnuote-Agbaje - Algrim the Strong/Kurse
  • Kat Dennings - Darcy Lewis
  • Ray Stevenson - Volstagg
  • Zachary Levi - Fandral
  • Tadanabou Asano - Hogun
  • Jamie Alexander - Sif
  • Rene Russo - Frigga
  • Anthony Hopkins - Odin
  • Clive Russel - Tyr
  • Stan Lee - Unknown


Thor The Dark World Trailer 1

Thor The Dark World Trailer 1

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