The Punisher (2018 film) Action, Thriller, Crime. Film.

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Frank Castle was with his family after got murdered then he found his weapon. Going to kill Howard Saint (Fidel C. Aleman) then they busted by him going to fight with Punisher, going from Hell they think that Frank Castle is Dead after his deceased family then Bill confronts with Frank about everything before he killed Billy.

Casts Edit

(Punisher) his indentity name from proof.
    • Rudy Swaby as young Frankie (flashback, dream only) Frank's Youngest Son.
  • Roger Swaby Jr. as Will Castle
  • Miguel Amador as Billy Russo (villain) Frank's Ally.
  • Ricardo Swaby Rivers as Frank Castle, Sr. (rumored) Frank's Father.
  • Fidel C. Aleman as Howard Saint (villain) Frank's Enemy.
  • Ashley Swaby as Lisa Castle (archive footaged) Frank's Daughter.
  • Ricardo Swaby Rivers as Colonel William Rawlins (uncredited) Frank's Enemy.
  • Yanet Swaby as Nina Street , Frank's Friend-Cousin.
  • Marcus Scott as John Saint (uncredited) Howard's Son.
  • John Henkis Jr. as David Lieberman (cameo) Frank's Ally.
  • Trenny Nelson as Maria Castle (uncredited) Frank's Wife.
  • Eduardo Gullien as Major Eric Gregg (uncredited)

Frank's Ally.

  • Unknown Actress as Jeanne Cartwell (Uncredited; voice call) Frank's called her from a phone talking to her after being killed.
  • Arley Swaby as Shopping Store/Gregg Castle (mentioned) Frank's Nephew.
  • Harvey Swaby as Jeffrey Street (Uncredited)'" Nina's First Cousin.
  • Kevin Ebanks Matos as Mike Castiglione (flashback) Frank's Uncle.
  • Juila Hernandez as Juile; Frank's neighbor and friend.


  • "Punisher Theme" performed by Danny Elfman & John Williams courtesy by Danny Elfman & John Williams
  • "Bad" performed by Micheal Jackson courtesy by Micheal Jackson
  • "Thunder" performed by Imagines Dragons courtesy by Imagines Dragons
  • "Do you Bleed?" Performed by Hans Zimmer courtesy by Hans Zimmer

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