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Peter: What the

Wanda: Oh Hi!

Wanda: You must be Peter right

Peter: Yeah who are you?

Wanda: I'll tell you

Peter: Who was that guy

Wanda: That was Jack Rollins a HYDRA agent the only HYDRA agent alive

Peter: So who are you again

Wanda: You don't know me?

Peter: No I don't

Wanda: I'm Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch

Peter: That's not bad

Wanda: No it's not you remember this place don't you

Peter: Oh yes I do so where are the others

Wanda: On a assignment in Cleveland

Peter: Never been to Cleveland well I've been to Germany and London all those places you were there too when I was in Germany

Wanda: Yes I was I've also been to Scotland with Vision

Peter: So why did you bring me here?

Wanda: I've been through all lot Peter I lost my parents my brother and Vision

Peter: Wait you and Vision were in Love

Wanda: Yeah we were I had to destroy the mind time stone for the universe then Thanos reversed it and took it out of Vision killing him then I died and the last thing I saw was me looking at Vision's dead body and I turned to dust

Peter: So did I

Wanda: You did

Peter: Yeah I was on This planet called Titan Mr Stark Doctor Strange were with these people four of them turned to dust I was with Mr Stark and this blue woman I felt something and then I told Mr Stark I didn't wanna go I told him I was sorry for letting him

Wanda: You have not let me down Peter all the pain I've been through you know that Avengers battle in Germany that was my fault I could not control my powers in Lagos maybe it's time to be with someone else maybe you could be that someone

Peter: I would love to be that someone

Wanda: Do you wanna be in a relationship with me

Peter: Yes

Wanda: All right Spider-Man let's see what you got

Peter: Hey have you ever seen this really old movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Wanda: No what happens in it

Peter: Well there's these black cloak guys and there's seven people who turn into Harry Potter

Wanda: So they don't know who the real one is

Peter: Yeah

Wanda: We should look at that

Wanda: Hey look at this

Peter: What's that

Wanda: It's a case PYM Technologies

Wanda: PYM Technologies a research company founded by Dr Hank Pym the original Ant-Man

Peter: Ant-Man wait isn't he the guy that grows and shrinks

Wanda: Actually it was some other guy called Scott Lang think we should ask him to to help us

Peter: Ok then so where is he now

Wanda: Scott where are you

Ant Man: I'm right here

Peter: That really freaks me out

Scott: Oh hi Wanda

Wanda: Hi Scott

Scott: Hey aren't you that same guy we battled in Germany

Peter: Oh yeah you're the big guy by the way we haven't been introduced I'm Peter Parker Spider-Man

Scott: Scott Lang Ant Man

Peter: Ha Spider-Man and Ant-Man we're both insect heroes

Scott: Yeah that's catchie so what's the whole deal

Wanda: We need your help there is a man named Victor Von Doom he's coming for us

Scott: Okay so what's the plan

Peter: Well we believe he has something from PYM Technologies

Scott: So a human Thanos Well Hank will not like that

Wanda: So where is Hank and Hope

Scott: They haven't contacted since this whole war thingie

Peter: Hey guys look

Wanda: Rollins

Scott: Rollins the HYDRA agent

Peter: Yeah that's him

Wanda: Let's get them

Scott: Come on Antonio

Scott: Hello punks

Wanda: What do you want Rollins?

Rollins: Vengeance Maximoff vengeane you knew it's a shame your brother couldn't be here

Peter: Big mistake pal

Scott: Alright it's growing time

Peter: Holy Shit! I said that the same time I saw that

Scott: Hello

Scott: Suit he got away

Wanda: We'll get him and Von Doom we should get back to the compond

Wanda: Apparently Von Doom is attempted a cosmic weapon called the Infinity Sword

Peter: He's like a human Thanos