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This is the universe made up of all of Dr. Nygma's films. It started in May 2014 with X-Men: Reborn and ended 17 years later with Mighty Avengers 4: Invasion!. There were 54 films and 4 phases.


X-Men Films[]


Spider-Man Films[]

Avengers Films[]

  • Mighty Avengers (1)
  • Mighty Avengers 2: Power Unleashed (2)
  • Mighty Avengers 3: The Secret War
  • Mighty Avengers 4: Invasion!

Iron Man Films[]

Hulk Films[]

Thor Films[]

Captain America Films[]

Daredevil Films[]

Heroes for Hire Films[]

Silver Surfer Films[]

  • Silver Surfer: Herald of Destruction (1)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy

Fantastic Four Films[]

Dr. Strange Films[]

Ant Man Films[]

BlackPanther Films[]

Single Films[]


Phase 1- Origins[]

Phase 2- Expansion[]

Phase 3- Friends and Foes[]

Phase 4- Legacies[]


The OFFICIAL Cast of the Nygma Universe