The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Reloaded, also known as the MCU: Reloaded, or simply the MCUR, is a rebooted version of the Marvel Comics film franchise. It is much more expansive than the previous MCU and contains many more films and heroes.

Author's Note: I know it would be unrealistic to have this many movies in one franchise, and, on top of that, to have most of the cast still be apart of the franchise constantly, especially since some of them are in their 60's, 70's, and 80's. This is a fanon wikia, however, and since I know it will never happen in real life, I'm leaving it that way. Enjoy!

Phase One: Origins[edit | edit source]

Phase Two: Re-Assembled[edit | edit source]

Phase Three: Invasion[edit | edit source]

Phase Four: Civil War[edit | edit source]

Phase Five: Dark Reign[edit | edit source]

Phase Six: Infinity[edit | edit source]

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