David Ramsey as Luke Cage

Terrence Howard as Chemistro

Paterson Joseph as Sonny Caputo

Stan Lee as Dr. Brustein

Angelina Jolie as Rachel Leighton


Carl Lucas is an enforcer working for crime boss Sonny Caputo and his girlfriend, Rachel Leighton. Lucas decides that he needs to do better things with his life. He leaves Caputo, and gives the police a tip-off that gets Caputo arrested. Caputo's last act is framing Lucas for illegal drug possesion which gets Lucas arrested as well. They end up as cell mates, but Lucas gets transferred to Seagate Prison in Georgia because he started to many fights with Caputo. At Seagate, Lucas is constantly beat up by sadistic guard, Curtis Carr. After 30 months at Seagate, Lucas is asked by Dr. Noah Brustein to be apart of his super-strength project, and Lucas agrees. Lucas is placed inside a chamber similar to the one Steve Rogers was put in in First Avenger. The chambers vita-rays are supposed to give him super-strength much like it did to Steve Rogers. While Brustein leaves, Carr comes in and blows up the chamber in an attempt to kill Lucas. However, the explosion makes Lucas's body absorb the metal from the chamber, giving him super-strength and invunerable skin. Lucas uses this to escape, and changes his name to Luke Cage deciding to become a bodyguard/private investigator for hire. Carr tries to repeat the experiment on himself, but instead causes his foot to distentigrate. However, he figured out the absorbtion technique, and used it to create an alchemy gun. Whatever the gun hits will turn to steel. Carr uses his gun to become the villain Chemistro and go after Cage. Now Luke Cage must take on his first case, and if he doesn't succeed, he might not live to regret it.

150px-Luke Cage (Earth-616) 001

End Credits: Chemistro is hauled off to prison, and when his cell door opens, Sonny Caputo is inside.