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Orlando Bloom as Iron Fist

Jet Li as Davos

Angela Bassett as Misty Knight

Randall Duk Kim as Lei Kung the Thunderer

Ian McShane as Chiantang

James Caan as Harold Meachum

Andre Braugher voices Shou-Lao the Undying

Geoffrey Rush as Wendell Rand-Kai

Melissa Leo as Heather Duncan


At the age of nine, Danny Rand went with his parents (and their business partner, Harold Meachum) on an expedition to the other-dimensional city of K'un Lun where his father, Wendell, grew up. Wendell died when Meachum pushed him of of an icy cliff, and Heather (his mother) was killed while protecting Danny from a pack of wolves. Only Danny made it to K'un Lun. For the next 20 years, Danny studied under K'un Lun's greatest warrior, Lei Kung the Thunderer, along with Lei Kung's son, Davos. Danny deafeated Davos in a battle to see who was worthy enough to fight the dragon Shao-Lau the Undying, and gain the powers of the Iron Fist. Ashamed at his son's deafeat, and sick of his selfish, greedy, and jealous qualities, Lei-Kung banishes Davos to Earth. Danny later goes up against Shao-Lau, and manages to grab his mystical heart out of his sacred braizer. This gives Danny the power of the Iron Fist, which only few have gained before. On Earth, Davos plots to bring back the dragon lord, Chiantang, to life , so that he will be granted the powers of the Steel Serpent who is the Iron Fist's evil twin. Danny decides to come back to Earth, and live a normal life. He goes to confront Meachum about what he did to Wendell, but decides against hurting Meachum when he sees that he's lost both of his legs. However, Meachum is killed by Davos only moments after Danny leaves. Davos captures Lei-Kung in order to use his thunder to breathe life into Chiantang, and succeeds in gaining the power of the Steel Serpent. Now, Danny must team up with police officer, (and Meachum's bodyguard), Misty Knight (who Danny has feelings for), and stop Davos, but how can he deafeat someone who's his equal in every way?

End Credits: Nick Fury introduces Luke Cage to Iron Fist while he is doing martial arts, and the two, seeing they have a lot in common, form a team.

Danny training in the forests of K'un Lun.