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Hulk Smash! is a reboot to the Incredible Hulk franchise which took place in the orginal Marvel Cinematic Universe. This one takes place in MCU2.


  • Lee Pace - Bruce Banner
  • Lou Ferrigno - Hulk (Voice/CGI)
  • Chace Crawford - Rick Jones
  • Jessica Biel - Betty Ross
  • Stephen Lang - General Thaddeus Ross
  • Alan Cumming - Samuel Sterns/The Leader
  • Liev Schreiber-Emil Blonsky/The Abomination
  • James Callis - Leonard Samson
  • Barry Pepper - Glenn Talbot
  • Danny DeVito - Yuri Topolev
  • Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom(Cameo)


Opening Credits: A look at Bruce's life, starting with the death of his mother, and his bad relationship with his father. Ending with the incident that turned Bruce into the Hulk.

Bruce Banner and Rick Jones have been on the run for years now. Rick feels he needs to help Bruce out because he's the reason Bruce got caught in the gamma blast in the first place. But when Bruce meets Betty Ross and her new boyfriend Samuel Sterns, General Ross and the Hulkbusters find him,, and he transforms into Hulk, knocking Sterns into chemicals while also cracking is skull. The chemicals seep into Sterns' brain, and makes it grow huge, while also turning him into a deranged green-skinned gamma-packed maniac. Now, Sterns calls himself The Leader and has turned a member of the Hulkbuster Unit, Emil Blonsky, into his gamma-packed evil henchman, The Abomination! Can Bruce and Rick stop the 2 mutates for good?

Ending Credits: Glenn Talbot is discussing the fight between Hulk and The Leader at an underground lab in the dessert, which also caused General Ross to fall into a gamma chamber which transformed him. The mysetrious man he is talking to, Yuri Topolev, says that the Hulkbuster Unit will never be the same. Glenn thinks about what Topolev said for a second, and then smiles.