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Cloak and Dagger was a 2013 movie featuring Michael Clarke Duncan, Megan Fox, Ben Kinglsey, and Tom Hardy. The film did very poorly, much like Daredevil. Ironicly, Daredevil and Cloak and Dagger both star Michael Clarke Duncan and focus on a mafia story.


Unlike the comic books, Tyrone Johnson is a crime-lord. He confronts fellow mobster, Silvio Manfredi (Ben Kingsley), in an abandoned chemical factory. Silvio is disapointed in Tyrone for not capturing "the fugitive", and has his thug, The Russian (Tom Hardy), deal with him. The Russian pushes Tyrone backards into a vat of chemicals, and flees with Silvio as a fire starts and blows up the building. Meanwhile, "the fugitive", Tandy Bowen (Megan Fox), is at her house reading a romance novel, when she hears something outside. She hears twigs snap and other noises, then she lights a match, walks outside, and throws the match into the house, burning it. She hops on her motorcycle and drives away, as her house collapses with everything inside. More to be added...


  • Michael Clarke Duncan - Tyrone Johnson/Cloak, a former mobster who was pushed into a vat of chemicals by fellow mobster, Silvio Manfredi. The chemicals gave him special abilities and he teame dup with Tandy Bowen, Dagger, to stop Silvio once and for all.
  • Megan Fox - Tandy Bowen/Dagger, the daughter of Silvio Manfredi's rival mobster, David Bowen. Silvio has been hunting her down for years, and she finds her dad's old friend, who was a scientist, and has him build her two power-gloves that shoot daggers of light in order for her to defeat Silvio. She joins forces with Tyrone Johnson and they name themselves Cloak and Dagger.

​More to be added...


Though the movie did poorly, a sequel was in the works. Marvel Studios has announced the sequel was to feature The Prowler. However, Megan Fox left the film to make an appearance in "Trans4mers". Marvel Studios recently announced that, because the duo has a lot of big-screen potential, they have Edgar Wright and Marc Webb working on the reboot, which will have Silvermane again, with the Hobgoblin as a secondary villain.