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Captain America: Living Legend is the 5th film in the MMCU,It will star Justin Bartha as Steve Rogers/Captain America,Benjamin Walker as Bucky Barnes and Christoph Waltz as Johann Shmidt/Red Skull.The film will be directed by Joe Johnston.It is set for realese April 19th 2017.

Plot []

In the present day, scientists in the Arctic uncover a circular object with a red, white and blue motif.


Dr Abraham Erskine is creating a formula in his office when he runs downstairs where a man is strapped to a gurni the man is then reaveled to be Johann Shmidt.Erskine presents his formula to the board of d

Movie Poster

irectors stating it is the super-soldier syrum he then injects Shmidt with it.The camera flashes to the board of directors when screaming is heard and in the mirror Shmidt peels his  skin off showing a Red Skull.The Title screen shows

A Ordinary day in Brooklyn[]

Sarah Rogers and her husband Joseph Rogers witness the birth of their son Steven.The film skips to a 11 year old Steven and his mother waving goodbye to his father as he goes to war.Three Weeks go by when Steve picks up a letter he then runs to his mother crying and has her a letter she then begins crying and the two hug.The Letter is seen to show the words K.I.A.It then skips to Steve being beaten up by a group of boys he is then rescued  by a boy who tells him his name is James Barnes but some people call him Bucky.Several years go by and it is shown over again,Steve getting beaten and Bucky saving him.

A Unordinary day in Brooklyn[]