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Blade X-Vampire Hunter (2018 film) Action, Horror, Thriller, Reboot 2018 film Marvel Knights Movie. Blade: X-Vampire Hunter (2018 film)

Main Casts[]

  • Stefany Swaby as Debbie, vampire zombie ally of Eric Brooks.
  • Jimmy Clarke as Eric Brooks / Blade
  • Yonady Swaby as Young Eric Brooks (20 years) Meets father.
  • Nolberto Swaby as Deacon; Enemy of Blade.
  • Oliver Swaby Lincoln as Dave Frost (Main Villain)
  • No Actress as Harlem Quinn (Uncredited)
  • Rachel Ebanks as Abbie Whistler; Cousin of Dave.
  • Jasser Camacho as Ronnie Quinns; Ally of Blade.
  • Caridad Camacho as Kendra Quinns; wife of Ronnie.
  • Lewin Solomon Jr. as Ricky (main villain)
  • Lewin Slomon as Richard Brooks Sr. / Ricky; Ricky's deceased father.
  • Sheryl Smartt as Vanessa Brooks (uncredited) Richard's ex-wife.
  • Lisaida Swaby as Abbie Whistler; Cousin of Ricky.
  • Jamie Clarke as Lucas Cross (uncredited) Deceased Father of Blade.
  • Junior Peart as Junior Whittaker


  • Jamie Clarke as young Lucas Cross (Flashbacks only) sick leave father of Eric.
  • Yanet Swaby as Vanessa Brooks (34 years) (Flashbacks only) deceased Sister of Eric.
  • Boliche Mya as Deacon's Enemy (cameo) an vampire villain.
  • Kareila Duran as Tara Cross (uncredited) Blade unseen deceased mother.
  • Oliver Yates as Francis Drake (uncredited) Eric's enemy.
  • Jose Swaby Nixon as Francis 'Frank' Blade; Blade's deceased trainer.


  • "Escape" (by brian tyler)
  • "Blade Main Theme" (by brian tyler)